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everyonecanfarm is on a mission to make urban farming easy and accessible for everyone. With our innovative edible garden wall, you can bring the joy of growing your own food right into your home or workplace. Our wall is easy to install and maintain, allowing you to enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables year-round.

Our team is passionate about urban farming and making it accessible to everyone. We work hard to develop products that are easy to use and maintain, so you can enjoy the benefits of growing your own food without any hassle.

New Growth


our purpose and motivation

At everyonecanfarm, our purpose is to reimagine urban living spaces and promote sustainable lifestyles by designing and creating captivating indoor edible garden walls.

We believe that nature and modern living can coexist harmoniously, and we are dedicated to bringing the beauty and benefits of greenery into the heart of urban environments. Our indoor edible garden walls blend innovative design with the richness of nature, transforming ordinary walls into flourishing and functional living installations.

Through our commitment to sustainability, we aspire to empower individuals and communities to reconnect with nature and grow their own fresh, organic produce right at home (or at the workplace). We envision a world where access to nutritious, pesticide-free greens is not constrained by limited space or a lack of arable land.

Our skilled team works with you to curate a diverse array of edible plants that thrive indoors, fostering an environment where the joy of gardening is accessible to everyone, regardless of their gardening experience.

The essence of our purpose lies in promoting greener, healthier, and more self-sufficient lifestyles. We believe that living surrounded by nature enhances well-being, reduces stress, and cultivates a deeper sense of connection with our environment.

As we pursue our purpose, we remain committed to environmentally friendly practices, from sourcing sustainable materials to promoting water efficiency and responsible waste management.

With each indoor edible garden wall we create, we hope to inspire a movement towards sustainable urban living, where green spaces are woven seamlessly into the fabric of everyday life. By harnessing the power of nature's abundance, we aim to foster a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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